Intellectual outcomes

Project will produce 5 intellectual outcomes.

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The online learning platform – the virtual working space

Creation of an online platform for the promotion and provision of the digital tutorials for trainers & educators.

The platform aims to promote the digital pedagogy and to support the professional
development of trainers and educators. The Shaping Digital Classes platform will expand and develop their digital skills for teaching.

The users of the platform will be trainers. Either trainers with limited digital skills or trainers with up to an intermediate mastery level of digital skills for teachings.

Course 1

Tutorials on the DigCompEdu
Framework – Assessing Educators’ Professional
Digital Competences

This first course will mainly contain tutorials and assessment instruments for trainers. The aim of Course 1 is to promote the DigCompEdu Framework among  language trainers teaching migrants. It focuses on the digital competences needed by trainers at different stages of the teaching units for the implementation of a qualitative and secure digital pedagogy. The course also offers assessment instruments for the trainers’ digital competence test.

Course 2

Digital Skills for Trainers – Elementary

This course includes the creation of several interactive modules and video tutorials for trainers
focusing on implementation of existing materials in digital units as well as its pedagogical content.

In this  course on digital skills development, language trainers with elementary digital
competences will find materials and exercises for the implementation of digital solutions in their classes. The course offers short, easy-to-follow tutorials supported by online teaching exercises and representative examples focusing on digitalization at the different areas competences for the trainings

Course 3

Digital Skills for Trainers – Intermediate

Work and development of Course 3 concerns the reation of several interactive modules and video tutorials for trainers as well as its pedagogic content. The main difference between Course 3 and Cource 2 is the addressed target group. This course is conceived for language trainers (specially migrant language trainers) with an intermediate mastery level in digital competences for teaching.

This course offers more complex but easy-to-follow tutorials supported by online teaching exercises for trainers with an intermediate level in digital skills that are eager to explore and experiment with new digital strategies in the classes.

Curriculum for the Short-term Joint Staff Course

The aim of this output is to develop the short-term joint staff course training curriculum


  • to promote exchange of mutual understanding of the DigCompEdu framework,
  • to analyse internal feedback to the development of the promoting online course of the framework including its testing strategies
  • to train partner trainers in the utilisation of technology such as learning platform, pedagogic video development, distance learning strategies etc. and good practice and strategies in the teaching trainers / educators in improving digital skills.